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Doc's Place's Journal

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Saturday, December 23rd, 2000
9:02 pm
Well, Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!! Happy Days to you and your Friends


current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, December 10th, 2000
1:06 am
Well, Making headwaves, Finshed a few more Icon's for people's Web-Sites. I think I am starting to like this Graphic Stuff,

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, December 6th, 2000
11:10 am
Hiya All

I am in sure a great mood it should be Unlawful!!!!!

Oh Well, He who Climbith, Soon takes a Plumit (In English, What the Hell goes
up must come down with a Bang)

Nite All

current mood: exanimate

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Monday, December 4th, 2000
10:01 am
Feel Much Better, Just Tired, To Much Work to do...

current mood: chipper

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2000
12:35 am
Well, I am not sure about tonight. When I got home Saturday Morning from work, I had one of those Headache's where you can't see to drive SO I Kicked the old Mustang and made it home a little faster (Hell, If you going to have a wreak, Make a Big one) Haha, Couldn't do that to my little Pony. about noon I got up and downed a bottle of pills to try and make my head stop hurting, Then I could not go back to sleep because my head was killing me (Yes Wiseass, I know my head is killing you too) Jokes aside, Was doing this all day.

Got up about 8pm and it still hurts a little BUT not like before. Ate Pizza, Drank Coke and Pluged myself into the Computer.

So How's YOUR day been???????

current mood: sick

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Friday, December 1st, 2000
9:52 am
Chicken Wars is a few day's late this week, I will make up for it by posting a 3some
later with weekend. I had problems shooting the next part. Please hang with me as this is a first for me too.

Nite All

current mood: stressed

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Thursday, November 30th, 2000
7:49 am
Eating Cheeto's and drinking a 2 liter of Coke, Skipped Workout, Being a Little Bad
by eating the Junk Food, Make it up this weekend.....

current mood: crazy

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2000
9:19 am
An Invite, I sent a Message out to everyone on my List to stop by and Check out
LiveJournal here on my Web-Site, This is Kinda Cool and it's FREE!!

I would also like to Say Hello to Everyone.

Will Off to Dream Land for me..

Nite All

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, November 27th, 2000
9:38 pm
It's Off to Work I go...... Oh What Fun (YepAa)

current mood: silly

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12:31 pm
Humm, Just got home. First day back after the 4 day Holiday for Turkey day.

I guess I don't have to write how I feel, I fell like 4 more day's, Ohwell, I will
get 4 more at Christmas and 3 at New years so I guess I should be Happy :o)

Nite All

current mood: blah

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Sunday, November 26th, 2000
7:24 am
Off to Bed, Nite

current mood: sleepy

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3:54 am
Enville Questionaire for Dave.

Okay, I'll play

1. Paper or Plastic: plastic
2. Deaf or Blind: Deaf.
3.Truth or Dare: dare
4. Night or Day: Night.
5. Beavis or Butthead: none of the above
6. Ocean or Pool: Ocean.
7. Cake or Pie: Pie
8. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
9. Cats or Dogs: Dogs
10. Love or Lust: Love
11. Pancakes or French toast?: French Toast.
12. Bitter or Sweet: Sweet
13. Silver or Gold: Silver
14. Smoker or Nonsmoker: Non
15. Diamonds or Pearls: Whatever she wants
16. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs
17. Bacon Bits or Croutons: Bacon bits.
18. Shaken or Stirred: Shaken
19. Taco or Burrito: Burrito
20. Complex or Simple: Complex
21. Armageddon or Independence Day: Independence Day
22. Batman or Superman?: Darth Vader (Batman)
23. Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch: Cheese
24. Sun or Moon: Moon.
25. X's or O's: O
26. Ice crushed or cubed: Crushed
27. Showers or Baths: Shower
28. Ketchup or Mustard: Both

current mood: quixotic

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3:00 am
I got a Little change in my Pocket Going
Jing a linga ling...... The Georga Satilites
on the radio now, It's been awhile, I think I am
going to have stand and Lip Sink Wwwooooo

current mood: happy

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2:10 am

Time Slips By
Tic Toc Tic Toc
Times a theif
Tic Toc Tic Toc
Times are Good
Tic Toc Tic Toc

I don't have any idea what I am writting... Aaaaaaaaaa

current mood: bouncy

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12:39 am
Okay, I'm on Firetalk, PLease feel free to Page me (Coolwan)

current mood: energetic

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Saturday, November 25th, 2000
10:41 pm
Okay, I'll be on Firetalk about 1am (EST) (Coolwan) is the name, If you get a
chance, Look me up!

current mood: accomplished

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10:32 pm
Now that this works, I will now start the task of putting my WebCam back up. This may take awhile as the last time I had my Cam, It was on another service.

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10:23 pm
I am trying out this new program

current mood: impressed

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10:22 pm
It's Saturday

current mood: awake

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